2 Course Meal Deal
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Special 2 Course Meal Deal

Sunday - Thursday from 5pm-7pm and Friday - Saturday from 3pm-5pm




Nachos Supreme

Crispy individual homemade nachos layered with enchilada sauce and jalapenos with your choice of chilli beans con Carne or grilled chicken.

Picante Wings

Add a little spice to your evening …. marinated in chilli and lime and roasted in the oven. Served with hacienda Ranch dressing.

Mexican Stuffed Potato Skins

With a choice of Cajun chicken or beef chilli topped with cheddar cheese and served with Hacienda Ranch Dressing.


Stuffed whole jalapenos with cream cheese coated with bread crumbs and served with homemade salsa.

Spring rolls

Vegetable spring rolls served with salad and sweet chilli sauce.

Mozza melts

Mozarella cheese coated with bread crumbs and served with homemade salsa


Chicken or Beef fajitas

A feast for the senses,Enjoy our mouthwatering selection of sizzling Chicken or Beef fajitas comes with grated cheese, salsa, guacamole, sour cream and flour tortilla.

Enchilada Ranchera

Two Soft tortilla filled with chicken,topped with our mexican sauce with melted cheese. Served with refried beans, Mexican rice and sour cream.

Spicy Veg Burrito

A large flour tortilla filled with lightly seasoned vegetables. Oven baked and topped with enchilada sauce Served with Mexican rice and sour cream

Peri peri chicken Burrito

Soft flour tortilla filled with chicken , refried beans, melted cheese and topped with peri peri sauce. Served with Mexican rice and sour cream.

Sizzling Barbecue chicken Chimichangas

A large flour tortilla filled with chicken and refried beans then deep fried and served on a sizzling skillet with peppers, onions and topped with barbecue sauce.


Mince beef cooked with beans, mexican spices,garlic and corriander. Served with rice, nachos, sour cream and salad.

Blazing Bird

Breast of chicken grilled with onion, pepper and garlic. Served with sour cream, coleslaw and fresh salad with spicy peri peri sauce or a smokey BBQ Jerk sauce.

Albondigas Mexicana

Spicy beef meatball cooked in mexican sauce with peppers and onions. Served with rice, nachos and sour cream.


Chocolate fudge cake

Sticky toffee pudding or choices of ice cream